‘Tis The Season

Well, winter is upon us in SL and RL and Christmas rapidly approaching.  The thing about living far away from family is finding them that perfect gift to remind them that you are there with them in the heart when you can’t be there in body.  I see this is the time I give back to people that aren’t as fortunate, so you will notice my blog is not as active.  I’m not going to apologize for that, as giving to others is essential.  The past two weeks have been filled with baking goodies for those not able to or less fortunate.  Ironically, every year for the past few, one of my best friends in SL I have tried to do that for her and her family.

Initially, when my RL best friend and I started this, we had our families to bake for and a couple of friends.  It took us one day!! NOW we have 4 of us baking for 2 days straight, the kids help with decorating the cookies, but we have gone from two families and a couple friends to about 6 other families and the homeless shelter.  Plus on the 3rd day, a tradition I picked up from my mom and thereby her mom and thereby HER mom.. so 4th generation, I am now making Xmas cakes. Initially ONE batch, now it is double to give out to those that like them.

Here in SL, you see it all.  This was so cute and I could only imagine having a campfire, with S’mores and hot choccie (add the baileys please) on a cold winter night.

Dec 5 Calas 'A Midnight Clear'_001

Cala’s “A Midnight Clear”

Have a visit to Cala’s ‘A Midnight Clear.’  This sim is so worth the visit if you weren’t in the mood before for Christmas, you will be after their sleigh ride.  The music is perfect so take a friend with you it just adds to the ambiance of the moment.


Life’s Changes

Nov 13 Winters Hollow_005_pp


Every now and then you need to step back and re-evaluate what you are doing with your life.  I’ve noticed the older I get, the more I seem to do this.  So when I originally created this blog, it was going to be about just travels in Secondlife and occasionally fashions, well, I decided I also will just randomly drop some photos I do that I like in here as well and some random rants :).

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy as to is the photos in Secondlife screenshots or are they true photography.  I can honestly say I can’t see how Flickr can deem they are screenshots.  I put a lot of time into doing those “captures”.  We alter windlights, create poses, move the camera angle a zillion different directions before we take them to other editing programs to make them as our creative minds want to make them.  And even then so many take the perfect shot without altering them, HOW is that a screenshot?  The time I spend I am sure is half the time that so many spend on their magnificent creations.  I paid for my Flickr account back before SmugMug took it on.  Seriously, what a name for a company, reminds me of a snotty nosed teenager that thinks they know it all..sorry just my thought on it.  I was privy to seeing SmugMug about a year ago on my mobile device and opted to remove it. I am saddened to see the controversy in so many great flickrites right now.  Do we go or do we stay?  Do we find another 3rd party to help us excel in our art?  Good question.  At this time I’m opting to stay with “Flickr” as I want to see what happens.  And I’m hoping that they will recognize our artwork as just that and not just “screenshots.”  I am hoping they will increase the allowance for those that can not afford to pay for the service, to allow people to enjoy the art they do.

Well there it is my rant for the week 🙂 Hope you all have a gloriously wonderful day.

Black Bayou Lake

You often hear the term down by the Bayou, but when you live way up North, you wonder what it is like.  Well Black Bayou Lake gives you a glimpse into the style of what you “think” the Bayou could be like, but honestly I live in the mountains, so I have no idea.  I do know that I love the sim when I landed on it, the Windlight was wonderful and the ambieance is magnificant.  Being Canadian, I was of course drawn to the Canadian geese there.  Sadly we have heard the last of their “honking” for a bit now until they re-arrive in the spring to nestle down again.

This sim is so worth the visit.  I am curious to see how it may change for the winter months, if it does.  Octotber 18 Black Bayou Lake_003Black Bayou Lake

Mystical Fae

Sometimes you need a little fantasy in your life, ok what am I saying, Secondlife is that.  In it you make some good friendships and some that are just casual fly bys.  Some you wish.. well you know what I mean.

Mystical Fae, what can I say.  This sim is amazing. When she changes it, the sim gets closed for a few days but is open for fun and visiting again.  It can be romantic as there are romantic areas in it.  But the nice thing about it is it is relaxing and a photographers dream.

I recently went back there to see if there had been any changes and there are a few, but I still so love how relaxing it is.  I can’t wait to see what she does next.

October 30 Mystical Fae_001_peMystical Fae

Coffee @ Zimminyville

Can you imagine starting a day without coffee?  I can’t, it is my relaxing moment and a fantastic start to the day.  Meeting with someone in a lovely coffee shop adds to the joy of the day.  The sweet smells of fresh baked goodies and freshly ground coffee.  Amazing how this can be enjoyed even in SL. Sit back and relax &  listen to the great music and enjoy the ambiance portrayed @ Flo’s Cafe.

October 23 Zimminyville_005_pe


Happy Halloween

‘Tis Halloween. So many sims to visit, so much fun to be had. Trick or Treating in SL who would’ve dreamt.  I know this, trick or treating in SL is much easier on my thighs, so trick or treat I did do in there.   Then you get to open all the little gift boxes… hallelujah, more inventory to clean up.  I know this photo is a bit off the topic of my blog, but I did warn, It would contain other things not just the latest travel plans in SL.

Below the photo are a couple of links of places to go get your last fun in before they get dismantled as we move onto the next seasonal fun. The maze is quite amazing, no pun intended, or maybe it is *winks* no matter go put your costumes on and have a bit of fun.


October 30 Pendle Hill_002

Calas Galadhon’s Maze

Halloween Unforgiven

Pendle Hill

Mi Casita De Amor

So traveling in Sl everyone wants to relax.  At Mi Casita De Amor, you find relaxation, romance and even a bit of a slice of home here.  The little suites are wonderfully decorated and again a Photographers paradise, where you can actually sink your teeth into playing with windlight (such as the photo below) or camera angles.  It is fun to explore and the sim is ever changing.  Can’t wait to see what they do next on the sim.
~Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.~  Matsuo Basho
October 28 Mi Casita De Amor_005