Every now and then life just hammers you to the ground. Lately with Covid, it seems to be consistently doing that. What has happened to people that we have lost the ability to be kind to one another? Why is it easier to yell, scream blame those that are doing their utmost best to save lives, prevent spreading of disease into the ground. Front line workers Hospital staff, EHS, Paramedics, doctors etc are now wearing the brunt of this. I have been yelled at, accused of supporting a conspiracy… as I run from patient to patient or to a family to say “I’m sorry we did all we could?”……NOW if you can’t be nice.. then maybe think of this… is this the way you would want someone to treat you? I’ve been hit, spat on, accused, blamed and on it goes. SO why is it so hard to be kind to one another? A simple act of kindness is much easier than the abuse.

NOW as we head into the 2 year anniversary of this monstrous Covid disease on it’s shirt tails starting last year we ran into an epidemic of OPIOD over doses… again an act of kindness is more likely to help these lost souls out than blaming them, yelling at them etc.

So next time you go to yell at a nurse, doctor, paramedic, etc. STOP and look… do they look exhausted … do they look like they are almost done? BECAUSE you could be that last person to push them out of a profession they chose because they are empathetic and caring, because that may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

BE Kind… it isn’t that hard! Sorry NOT sorry I asked you to wear a mask or to be polite…

Exhausted, Done

Grace & Sunshine

Travelling in Secondlife can permit one to see how others view the world. They seem to combine the reality of life with this amazing online world. The number of creative artists in Secondlife never fails to boggle my mind.

Frogmore was created and owned by Tolla Crisp. Truly it is an amazing sim. It’s sister sim is Mousehole. They recently had a competition for best photo for the two sims, it was so interesting to see how different people enjoyed the sim. Their versions of the photos were immense.

Being a highly proclaimed introvert, I find travelling the sims something that allows me to explore on my own and when the ah-ha moment hits… like the photo below, I find this inner peace settle over me. No matter what the week has thrown at me.

If you have time, check out this amazing sim. Truly worth the adventure.


Greatest Thing in Life… Music

Even in Second-life you can find this intense sense of peace and serenity. I find it quite often by exploring or checking out other peoples Flickr Link to go and see places and often find my self in moments like this. Remembering, reminiscing the days back when I would dress up and go play Beethoven, Chopin, Bach etc. Often this brought me stress as being an introvert playing in large crowds was tough. BUT the solution was… imagine them in their grandmothers/fathers undies… and that would go away. Can you imagine.. tightie whiteies and bloomer panties? I did… *smiles* This was taken at an amazing sim, which is no longer present so I decided to just natter on and share the photo with you.

Lord of the Rings ~ The Piano Guys~

Time Goes By

What a year 2020 turned out to be. Thought that by now we would be seeing the end of this monster that has plagued our world. No such luck. So I decide that instead of bemoaning society and the issues surrounding us to wrap myself up in letting go the bad at the end of each day.

SO on this particular day I was exploring in Secondlife. A place I love to go to do photos. Soon I will start doing those in real life too. I love photography and learning programs to help alter the photo.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kings Harbor/155/52/24

So if you have time please visit the above spot. Open now to public and thanks to Skinny and Lien for making Nelipot a place to enjoy!!❤️

Country Views

Covid… thank you .. not! Pandemic.. blah! Live it, breath it, survive it, my new motto. But it is keeping me from my one thing I love most in my life……FAMILY! So when the going gets tough I get creative. I’ve been told my art work in SecondLife shows my emotions. When I am up, or down or even sideways!! *smiles* So this photo was done in my walk about Secondlife. Not sure which emotion this one reveals but I dont’ care as I truly love how it turned out.

Sadly I don’t have the landmark for this location, but so well worth the walk through I did. It even brought me back to the day I used to ride horses all the time. So out came my glorious Bento horse. Thank you Secondlife for allowing some of the smaller pleasures in life.

Neglecting My Blog

Well would seem as of late I had just simply put an overwhelming RL and then along came the writers block on what to say. SO I have decided my blog will be about a variety of things and not just travelling in Secondlife with me. May be about fashion (not likely much on that), travels in SecondLife, Friendships, Art etc. Today I was debating what to post here. So today is about my dear friend Wanna

Social Distancing

Well, what can I say, as front line workers (healthcare), we find we go to work as we are needed and honestly when the going gets tough, nurses never run and hide.  We tend to just dig in and persevere.  We work, come home and self isolate, to protect our loved ones, and when we go out we maintain the social distancing.  These two little guys cracked me up when I landed on this sim because all I could see in my warped sense of humour was them social distancing.  Maybe I’m a little too in tune to this lately, but it did give me a good laugh.

This sim is always changing and never fails to amaze me, but I do love to come here and check it out regularly.  I love how relaxing it is and scenic.  For the lovebirds out there, there are lots of cute little spots for romance.

April 10 Cherishville_003SL


Part 2 Kindred Spirit

You got it in you!  In this sim, you can find the time to find it in you! It is in you!  Let your creativity flow.  Shut out the negativity and self-doubt and let your spirit fly with the angels.  This sim truly woke up my senses to explore and create again.  Don’t let your lights get put out by others, rise above them and their negativity.  You got it in you! Don’t let others change who you are or want to be.  Be you and be true to yourself.  Jan 23 Kindred Spirit_006blog

A sim inspired me and a friend sent me this fabulous song that can be linked to on my Flickr, Brat 

Check out again I remind you this glorious sim, Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit

Ok after a 15-year lifestyle in SecondLife off and on, I have to say very little fails to surprise me.  But I have to say today I was blown away by the sim Kindred Spirit  It was amazing to land here and to explore I can honestly say I spent hours there changing outfits, trying different windlights and on and on it went.  The owner of the sim does it as it is a passion for him.  This is one capture I did while there but I will be posting more on Flickr as it truly is amazing.  Well worth the stop!  It opens the imagination and frees the mind.  So if you check out Bart’s amazing work, please stop and look at this Flickr and share your views of the sim too.  Kindred Spirit Estate

Jan 23 Kindred Spirit_009blog

Kindred Spirit

Friendships ~ Raven~

Some people accidentally stumble into your life, but there must always be a reason why things happen.  For us, it was to become good solid friends that no one can destroy, and trust me some have tried.  She is fantastic, a spitfire with a lot of personality.  She is a true artist, her photos are from just simply amazing simple photos or even erotic.  Raven has mastered the challenge of being a great erotic photographer to one as simple as friends hanging out together.  Raven now has mastered blogging as well, check it out at  Raven’s Riches This picture we did together reminded me how much I genuinely cherish this friendship.  Please look at her take on this photo, Brat & Raven

Jan 21 Lost Lagoon_010_peblog

The sim we went to was Lost Lagoon it is a glorious little sim with lots of nice photo opportunities awaiting you all there.  It truly is worth the drop by to see what all they have.  Plus I needed to get off my snowy sim… LOL buried in it in real life (about 3 feet) so having solid ground that is brown or green under my feet in Secondlife was welcome.