Here Comes The Sun

Friends from all over the world.  That is what Secondlife gives us.  It is fantastic the friendships I’ve made and the people that I’ve lost over the past while.  Cherishing those that have your back no matter where they come from is what makes it fun to explore in second life. 

Mony (do not let her sing) and Mads (as I fondly shortened her name to), are two very artistic and dynamic women in SL that I have been honoured to call my friends.  Truly they are amazing.  They believe in having fun in SL as we all struggle enough with the drama and hard life choices in RL.  If my lip is starting to droop an hour with them have me almost in tears and when you laugh that hard, who can pout or feel wrong about the curve balls life gives you.

Letting people into your life is sometimes hard in the virtual worlds, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.  So as we were doing this photo, all three of us were laughing, so it took likely longer than we planned, but man was it FUN!!

March 25 Evergreen_007_peblog.png



Angels Among Us

There are so many professions out there that are ones to admire.  In fact, no matter your business, the reality is we all contribute to society.  I am daily so appreciative to the people that make my latte in the mornings.  Couldn’t imagine getting through a hair raising day without it.  

Having said this, this is a dedication to the nurses out here in the world.  The job you do is impressive.  You put up with all sorts of hardships.  Deal with people either at their worst or their best.  You put your heart into your job, and it is self-evident if you have ever been on the receiving end of this.  So I genuinely do believe that there are Angels Among Us every day.  Not saying it is only the nurses, but they are the backbone of peoples lives in trauma, cancer, chronic illnesses, births etc.  Thank you for all you do!

May 18 Luanes World_004_pe_Blog

Luane’s World

Sound of Silence

So travel in SL, what can I say.  Lately, I have been on the adventure of keeping me out of the photo again, and looking for things that make you look to see things from different angles, how the lighting changes how you perceive things.  Isn’t that what life is about too?  If you don’t like what you are doing, you change your direction and move towards something more acceptable.  

When I went to Ukivok, I did start by doing photos of me as there are so many beautiful places to do the captures.  But then I started really looking at how the artist (landowner) had placed things out to capture your eye, it wasn’t done just at random, you could see the thought process put in.

So please make sure you visit this sim.  It is worth it from fish to shanty shacks, to old dishes, fish bowls etc.  It was amazing what I saw as I walked around and cammed around. 

April 3 Ukivok_008_peblog


Heaven was Needing A Hero

A year ago I lost my best friend in SL and in RL.  Spike Blackbart.  He was so much to me, my best friend, confidant, lover and he taught me so much.  He sings with the angels.  One thing I know about this wonderful man was he loved life and lived it to the fullest.  He loved women, all sizes, ages and he RESPECTED them.  He never belittled or demeaned any of them.  He saw the women in his life as people that would compliment his life.  He taught me to respect myself, love myself and to grow.  The past year took me a while to come around.  Like every man, I met I compared to him.  But everyone has to begin a new chapter at some point.  I am now able to see others for who they are.  I don’t compare, but I do see similarities, which makes me realize that I enjoy the company of men that respect women and adore them.

So sweet Spike rest in peace, this baby girl has a new chapter beginning in her life, and she is going to embrace life in all worlds.  Secondlife and Real.

This photo was done for you as I know you would’ve loved it.  Thank you for encouraging me to embrace my art.

April 4 Mystic Timbers_004_peblog

Mystic Timbers


Travels in SL bring about a lot of imagination.  Over the years I’ve met some fantastic bloggers, designers and creators of beautiful sims.  What are they?  Landscapers, I guess, perhaps architects as they build as well.  My wonderful friend Adalynne Romano.  She blogs and on top of that created Candlewood.  Both she and Doc Romano are amazing people and their sim well worth the stop.

Lately, I’ve been bluesy as this winter has been so LONG. I mean really I know I chose to live where I do because I LOVE my seasonal changes.  But this winter and the flipping freezing right into March now is getting a bit much.  SO off running I did go in SL, and found this beautiful field of flowers.  Who would’ve thought it would’ve made me feel like a kid again, but it did.  Only thing I would’ve added to this area is a “swing” so one could kick up their heels and just cry out gleefully.  Imagine good is your imagination?  Wind in your hair, feet pumping the swing to make it go higher, holding on for dear life as your hair grazes the flowers as you come back down, I am sure you get the idea.

March 22 Candlewood_003_peblog


Fantasy and Fiction

Imagining life in a storybook sometimes is a sweet place to go.  Can you imagine living amongst animated cartoons?  Can you imagine fairies and talking rabbits in your life?  What about some of the fictions and fantasy we have seen put out by Disney over the years.  It brightens one’s day and allows one’s imagination to come alive.  It doesn’t mean you should stay there as reality is just that reality.  But allowing a bit of fantasy to brighten your day, makes one step have a bit more bounce in it once in a while.

StoryBrooke is a great little sim to visit.  I keep going back for more.  It allows one’s imagination to come alive.

Below meet a couple of the characters found at this sim.  (And no they didn’t answer when I was muttering to myself *winks*)

Feb 10 Storybrooke_007_peblog

StoryBrooke Gardens #2

Mystic Timbers

Places I like to travel to I often rinse and repeat as they always seem to tweak and add new things that lure me back.

Mystic Timbers is one of these places.  On this particular night March 16, I was having an ah-ha moment,  as I was sitting in a teacup pondering life and how little time we have for ourselves.  I was listening to Cat Stevens (yes before my time but dang he has a lovely voice) SO along came Moon Shadow and this photo had me thinking that was how one felt.  “Leapin and hoppin’ on a Moonshadow, Moonshadow, Moonshadow—” So my Ah HA was we need to make that time for ourselves.  For me, that is I love to blog and do photography in SL.  In RL I have lots of other hobbies that got put on the back burner. March 16 Mystic Timbers_002-1_pe blog

Mystic Timbers & MoonShadows