Here Comes The Sun

Friends from all over the world.  That is what Secondlife gives us.  It is fantastic the friendships I’ve made and the people that I’ve lost over the past while.  Cherishing those that have your back no matter where they come from is what makes it fun to explore in second life. 

Mony (do not let her sing) and Mads (as I fondly shortened her name to), are two very artistic and dynamic women in SL that I have been honoured to call my friends.  Truly they are amazing.  They believe in having fun in SL as we all struggle enough with the drama and hard life choices in RL.  If my lip is starting to droop an hour with them have me almost in tears and when you laugh that hard, who can pout or feel wrong about the curve balls life gives you.

Letting people into your life is sometimes hard in the virtual worlds, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.  So as we were doing this photo, all three of us were laughing, so it took likely longer than we planned, but man was it FUN!!

March 25 Evergreen_007_peblog.png



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