Here Comes The Sun

Friends from all over the world.  That is what Secondlife gives us.  It is fantastic the friendships I’ve made and the people that I’ve lost over the past while.  Cherishing those that have your back no matter where they come from is what makes it fun to explore in second life. 

Mony (do not let her sing) and Mads (as I fondly shortened her name to), are two very artistic and dynamic women in SL that I have been honoured to call my friends.  Truly they are amazing.  They believe in having fun in SL as we all struggle enough with the drama and hard life choices in RL.  If my lip is starting to droop an hour with them have me almost in tears and when you laugh that hard, who can pout or feel wrong about the curve balls life gives you.

Letting people into your life is sometimes hard in the virtual worlds, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.  So as we were doing this photo, all three of us were laughing, so it took likely longer than we planned, but man was it FUN!!

March 25 Evergreen_007_peblog.png




Travels in SL bring about a lot of imagination.  Over the years I’ve met some fantastic bloggers, designers and creators of beautiful sims.  What are they?  Landscapers, I guess, perhaps architects as they build as well.  My wonderful friend Adalynne Romano.  She blogs and on top of that created Candlewood.  Both she and Doc Romano are amazing people and their sim well worth the stop.

Lately, I’ve been bluesy as this winter has been so LONG. I mean really I know I chose to live where I do because I LOVE my seasonal changes.  But this winter and the flipping freezing right into March now is getting a bit much.  SO off running I did go in SL, and found this beautiful field of flowers.  Who would’ve thought it would’ve made me feel like a kid again, but it did.  Only thing I would’ve added to this area is a “swing” so one could kick up their heels and just cry out gleefully.  Imagine good is your imagination?  Wind in your hair, feet pumping the swing to make it go higher, holding on for dear life as your hair grazes the flowers as you come back down, I am sure you get the idea.

March 22 Candlewood_003_peblog


Shelter from The Storm

In every life, you need a little shelter from a storm.  Whether it be a downpour, or snow storm or even a personal crisis moment.  Exploring in SecondLife, I found one of these “shelters.”  Looking for the light in the darkest moment, seeking out the refuge.

Haraiki Bay had such a place.  Watching the water crashing up around this lighthouse and manipulating the wind lights, allowed me to get this perfect capture of how life can be.  Often you need to look for the light on the darkest day or the rainbow.  Look for the good and try to shrug off the negative.  Just a small thought on life.

Travels in SL allows you to explore these beautiful sites.  If you find the time, pop in and seeks out this glorious refuge on a dark and stormy night (and … please let SPRING be here now truly tired of the snow)Feb 19 Haraiki Bay_001_peblog

Haraiki Bay

Taking Chances

Life is all about taking chances.  New beginnings, cherishing the past, looking forward.  Once we stop that, we get into that well-established rut that so many despise.  Then you can’t sort how to get out of them. So taking chances is good.  Go into it with your eyes wide open, stay true to yourself.  Don’t live in ruts, don’t live in lies, and don’t live to please others or you just fizzle and burn out.

This stunning sim was so well worth the exploring.  Thank you to a great friend for showing me this place.  It allows one to relax and explore.  It allows you to shut off and enjoy the colors.  The music is soothing, while the artists work and how she accomplishes this, amazes me.  This is one sim that will be on my list to go back to regularly to unwind.

March 8 Vegetal Planet_003_peblog

Vegetal Planet

Chesapeake Bay

So travels in SL allow one to view things through very different eyes.  Whether we need glasses or not, sometimes changing the lens on your view is all one needs to bring a new perspective.

This week during my travels I came across the Chesapeake Bay.  Funny enough there I was minding my own business, and I sat in this chair that no matter what I did.. I couldn’t get comfy.  SO I wound up doing the “what the heck look” as I watch people around me doing photos, the water splashing up on the beach, and life was casually passing by.  I truly loved the ability to sit and watch.

This sim is truly FULL of photographic spots.  Well worth the visit to engage and try different wind lights.  Different angles and don’t forget to change your DOF.  After all, changing the lens often changes the perspective.  Even in life, it does.  Feb 16 Chesapeake Bay_003_peblog

Chesapeake Bay

StoryBrooke Gardens

This fabulous sim is one of many.  There are several connecting sims, but honestly, this is one of my favorites mostly because it is fantasy, mystical and just so full of imaginations.
Land of fairies, teacups, and dreams. 

Growing up, one loved the stories of the mystical and fantasy.  Not all the offensive side of life these days.  This sim, just allows your mind to drift and relax and let go of the day’s lengthy trials.  It lets you enjoy the lightness of the fairy dust in the air.  The gingerbread cookie men, the candy cane candies lining the walks, the fairy homes.  I love the balloons here and guess what, I will likely be doing a few shots in this area. 

So the Best is Yet to come

Feb 10 Storybrooke_001_peblog

Storybrooke Gardens


Now I know this isn’t part of my “Adventures with Brat” but maybe it is.  Life travels instead.

So I seem to be finding a lot of inner strength lately and drawing on it.  I have always hated how bullying victimized people.  I think sometimes we have to look at it and make them more accountable for their actions.  In SL, people seem to forget that part of life.  Or even online, which is why it has become such an epidemic.

I always have looked out for the smaller guy (gal).  Maybe why I’m good at my job in RL too.  If you kick the dog when it is down, why do it?  Why add more hurt?  Why get your little minions to do your bidding and swing out at all those around you.  Why make it that others have to hurt?  I know that bullies as a general rule have a lot of issues as is.  They are also often victims and in being the bully and leader of the pack per say, allows them some control on their lives.

But when you make someone feel like the picture below, maybe you need to stop and think of how you feel when YOU are the victim.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Respect and believe in your self. Feb 10 Mystic Timbers_025_peblog.png

Mystic Timbers