Sound of Silence

So travel in SL, what can I say.  Lately, I have been on the adventure of keeping me out of the photo again, and looking for things that make you look to see things from different angles, how the lighting changes how you perceive things.  Isn’t that what life is about too?  If you don’t like what you are doing, you change your direction and move towards something more acceptable.  

When I went to Ukivok, I did start by doing photos of me as there are so many beautiful places to do the captures.  But then I started really looking at how the artist (landowner) had placed things out to capture your eye, it wasn’t done just at random, you could see the thought process put in.

So please make sure you visit this sim.  It is worth it from fish to shanty shacks, to old dishes, fish bowls etc.  It was amazing what I saw as I walked around and cammed around. 

April 3 Ukivok_008_peblog



Mystic Timbers

Places I like to travel to I often rinse and repeat as they always seem to tweak and add new things that lure me back.

Mystic Timbers is one of these places.  On this particular night March 16, I was having an ah-ha moment,  as I was sitting in a teacup pondering life and how little time we have for ourselves.  I was listening to Cat Stevens (yes before my time but dang he has a lovely voice) SO along came Moon Shadow and this photo had me thinking that was how one felt.  “Leapin and hoppin’ on a Moonshadow, Moonshadow, Moonshadow—” So my Ah HA was we need to make that time for ourselves.  For me, that is I love to blog and do photography in SL.  In RL I have lots of other hobbies that got put on the back burner. March 16 Mystic Timbers_002-1_pe blog

Mystic Timbers & MoonShadows

Shelter from The Storm

In every life, you need a little shelter from a storm.  Whether it be a downpour, or snow storm or even a personal crisis moment.  Exploring in SecondLife, I found one of these “shelters.”  Looking for the light in the darkest moment, seeking out the refuge.

Haraiki Bay had such a place.  Watching the water crashing up around this lighthouse and manipulating the wind lights, allowed me to get this perfect capture of how life can be.  Often you need to look for the light on the darkest day or the rainbow.  Look for the good and try to shrug off the negative.  Just a small thought on life.

Travels in SL allows you to explore these beautiful sites.  If you find the time, pop in and seeks out this glorious refuge on a dark and stormy night (and … please let SPRING be here now truly tired of the snow)Feb 19 Haraiki Bay_001_peblog

Haraiki Bay


Well I have to say after many years in the profession of knowing what drugs do to one.  Finding a sim called Valium made me smile and laugh at the same time.  This Valium is addictive too, but in a way that won’t cause withdrawal.  You can go there relax and enjoy the scenery.  It has been well designed and fun to wander through.  I think the creators designed it to be relaxing, so thereby very well named.  If you need to take the edge off your SL life, have a visit.

This little photo, made me smile and laugh at the same time.  If only we could all just jump on a swing and jump off when things get too hairy and laugh at it (or this little guy is likely chattering away telling me to bugger off).  It was amazing I stood there trying to decide how I wanted to catch him; flying airborn, swinging or running on the ground. I opted for the “ ME mode”  Here is to being happy.

jan6 valium_015resize


Merry Christmas

So we all know that Christmas season isn’t easy or fun for everyone.  SO for those struggling at this time of year, I wish you the strength to get through the season.  For those that don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you all the best in whatever you may rejoice at this time of year.  And if you don’t celebrate, I wish that you have a great winter season.

I still love to explore SL at this time of year. Indeed the fun of exploring just is so fantastic, it brings so much to the forefront.  It is impressive to see how creative people are in Secondlife.  This visit, I went to see Snow Falls, trust me well worth the tour, it is a fantastic winter wonderland.  Dec 22 Snow Falls_006

Snow Falls

Muse Dance

So every now and then you come across something that just makes one smile and relax and kick back.

Muse Dance & Ballet Troupe do that in SL.  The lead of this dance troupe truly knows how to keep it simple yet to make it so you want more.  The dance tells a story that keeps you watching.  I was impressed, that I could actually get a photo of them and not be lagged out so badly.  This dance group is well worth watching for.  Attend one of their dances when they are on.  Thank you to Tresore, for inviting me to attend.  Truly a wonderful hour.

Dec 16 Muse Dance_007


Muse Dance Company

‘Tis The Season

Well, winter is upon us in SL and RL and Christmas rapidly approaching.  The thing about living far away from family is finding them that perfect gift to remind them that you are there with them in the heart when you can’t be there in body.  I see this is the time I give back to people that aren’t as fortunate, so you will notice my blog is not as active.  I’m not going to apologize for that, as giving to others is essential.  The past two weeks have been filled with baking goodies for those not able to or less fortunate.  Ironically, every year for the past few, one of my best friends in SL I have tried to do that for her and her family.

Initially, when my RL best friend and I started this, we had our families to bake for and a couple of friends.  It took us one day!! NOW we have 4 of us baking for 2 days straight, the kids help with decorating the cookies, but we have gone from two families and a couple friends to about 6 other families and the homeless shelter.  Plus on the 3rd day, a tradition I picked up from my mom and thereby her mom and thereby HER mom.. so 4th generation, I am now making Xmas cakes. Initially ONE batch, now it is double to give out to those that like them.

Here in SL, you see it all.  This was so cute and I could only imagine having a campfire, with S’mores and hot choccie (add the baileys please) on a cold winter night.

Dec 5 Calas 'A Midnight Clear'_001

Cala’s “A Midnight Clear”

Have a visit to Cala’s ‘A Midnight Clear.’  This sim is so worth the visit if you weren’t in the mood before for Christmas, you will be after their sleigh ride.  The music is perfect so take a friend with you it just adds to the ambiance of the moment.